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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced environmental cables for servo and spindle motors.

The power cable connectors have been redesigned to be low-profile and the feedback, brake and fan cables now have moulded connectors instead of assembled ones.

GE Fanuc has a comprehensive line of environmental cables that are specifically designed for use in the rugged environment common to most machine tool applications.

The cables cover a wide range of GE Fanuc servo and spindle motors used with its CNC and Power Mate products.

The alternative is to spend time and effort designing an in-house cable, which will consume valuable engineering resources and slow down time to market.

Paul Webster, CNC product manager for GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, says: ‘The new cables use a polyurethane mould that creates the connector out of solid plastic.

‘Moulding the cables makes them very robust – they are stronger and hold up better to the harsh environment of a machine tool.’ The cables may be used on older machine tools as well as in newly designed machine tools.

They cover a range of motors and amplifiers and will even work with older Alpha servo systems.

The cables are designed for the compact Alpha i series – the shorter connector reduces clearance needed around the motor.

Moulded feedback and brake/fan cables designed for the Alpha i series improve environmental protection and reduce the connector size.

All CNC System ordering tools have been updated to select suitable cables for the system being ordered.

GE Fanuc’s environmental cable ordering system allows cables to be selected to fit the application.

Options include: cable length to the nearest metre, from 1m to 25m – cables over 25m are available in 5m increments in some cases; standard polyurethane jackets for servo motors and feedback devices; oil-resistant 105C PVC cable jackets for spindle motors; shielded power versions for some cables; selectable connector orientation for elbow-type connectors; moulded polyurethane feedback cables for high environmental protection and mechanical strength; moulded power cable designs for the Alpha i series include low- profile power connectors for reduced motor height.

GE Fanuc’s cables are backed by the standard warranty.

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