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GEA Pharma Systems has collaborated with Evonik Industries to present a joint symposium on ‘Scale up of Oral Solid Dosage Forms’.

The event was held at the Hotel Bad Bubendorf in Switzerland and co-hosted by Dr Harald Stahl of GEA Pharma Systems and Dr Bridgitte Skalsky of Evonik Rohm .

Technical experts from GEA, Evonik scientists and representatives of the wider pharmaceutical industry offered information, advice and opinions on their specialist subjects.

During day one, Stahl talked about the challenges experienced in the scale-up of solid dose processes and discussed fluid-bed processes with particular regard to drying and particle coating.

Skalsky delivered a presentation on processing using EUDRAGIT polymers.

Dr Christian Meier from Evonik Rohm also spoke about EUDRAGIT, specifically their physico-chemical characteristics.

Dr Michael Melichar from GEA Pharma Systems explored the ways in which PAT (Process Analytical Technology) supports the scale-up of processing.

Dr Iris Ziegler from Nycomed spoke on the relevance of design space as a success factor in scale-up and Dr Xiaomnig Li from Eli Lilly presented a case study of fluid bed coating.

On day two, the group was transferred to the GEA Technology Centre (GPS) for practical demonstrations on: sustained-release particle coating, high sheer mixing, tableting, spheronisation, and equipment cleaning.

The group also discussed case studies on taste masking, enteric coating of crystals, the curing of EUDRAGIT, fast-dissolving tablets, fluid-bed techniques for particle coating and PAT.

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