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The Performa S is capable of producing up to 389,000 tablets per hour when GEA Courtoy’s Die Shells technology is used.

At the core of the Performa range is the EDD (Exchangeable Die Disc), which can easily be detached from the upper and lower punch guide parts and handled separately.

The entire turret, including punches and dies, can be easily removed from the machine.

It is possible to remove the entire turret from the machine or lift and swing the upper section of the turret out of the compression zone, clearing the way for the EDD to be lifted out manually by the operator.

An EDD exchange takes less than 30min.

The Performa S is available with conventional dies or Die Shells.

Due to the reduced external diameter of each die, the number of punch positions on the Die Disc can be increased and machine output can go up by 33 per cent.

The minimal thickness of the die walls and the levelling of the Die Shells with the Die Disc surface combine to optimise yield, as there is virtually no powder build-up on the die wall rims.

The Performa S features Courtoy’s tablet weight control system and can be supplied with the Courtoy Dual Control system, which enables the monitoring of tablet weight and hardness simultaneously, yet independently from one another.

The Performa and Modul tablet press range is available with optional adjustable dwell time at pre-compression.

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