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Brevini is supplying gear units for applications in the offshore and marine markets that meet the requirements of the DNV Marine Approval Directive

According to the company, specifying DNV type-approved equipment enhances safety at sea and helps to prevent marine pollution; it also allows for the free movement of equipment within the European Economic Area (EEA), consisting of the EU and AFTA Member States.

DNV-type approved products will have stood up to the highest levels of testing for most applications and will have been proven to perform in the harsh environments that they will be subjected to.

Past applications include winches, cranes, pipe handling and drilling equipment, as well as a number of tidal-energy applications.

DNV-type approval covers a range of Brevini products, including standard planetary gear units up to one million nanometres; rotating case winch drive gear units up to 500KNm; slewing drive gear units up to 200KNm; and hydraulic hoisting winches up to 5 tonnes.

Key specifications

  • Brevini supplies SAM Hydraulik motors to form a hydraulic motor gearbox package
  • The SAM Hydraulik range includes fixed displacement orbital motors for lower power applications
  • For high powers, Brevini offers SAM Hydraulik axial piston motors with fixed or variable displacement
  • Brevini assists with gearbox and motor combination selection
  • To support the type approval, Brevini engineers are also able to provide gearbox life calculations with specialist software based on customer duty cycles
  • For some applications, a full survey of load-carrying components can be provided
  • 3.1 certification is also available for these products
  • Brevini acquires suitable type approval from most bodies, including Lloyd’s and ABS, for products that it supplies into maritime applications

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