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Portescap, a Danaher Motion Company introduces the R08 planetary gearhead, which delivers continuous torque of 0.05Nm within a smaller overall envelope of its comparable models.

Portescap said that the design features provide increased gearhead life and durability, making it capable of delivering twice the radial load carrying capacity (up to 10N) when compared to competitive models.

The standard gearbox is available from four to 256 ratios, which can be further extended to higher ratios of 4,096.

The R08 gearhead can be coupled with brush DC, brushless and stepper motors in their respective frame sizes.

It can also be customised to meet specific customer application requirements.

Design improvements include a crimping process performed along with the press fit that increases strength and shock absorption capacity.

A monobloc shaft reduces the total number of components, therefore reducing the cost of ownership.

The metallic tube lowers noise, while increasing the overall robustness and torque output of the complete assembly.

The small frame size, robust design and high torque output make R08 planetary gearheads suitable for use in medical applications such as insulin/implantable pumps, imaging (collimators, radiography) and biotic fingers; security and access applications such as door locks, cameras and alarm systems; instrumentation applications such as industrial robots; and aerospace and defence applications such as small robotics for underwater particle or mine detection.

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