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Gefran’s ADL and AVRy lift drive inverters cover entry-level to advanced performance for power ranges up to 90kW.

The drives offer reduced energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions across the range, with regenerative ‘clean energy’ power-recovery technology available with the AVRy versions.

When compared to other lift-drive designs, the ADL series can increase system speed and reduce energy consumption and costs by up to 48 per cent, as well as reducing CO2 emissions by up to 1,000kg/year.

AVRy regenerative drives can further reduce energy consumption by an additional 42 per cent – for total savings of up to 90 per cent – with CO2 emissions reduction of up to 6,000kg/year.

The ADL100 series features an advanced sensorless vector control to provide a cost-effective solution for geared lift applications with speeds to 1.2m/sec and use with asynchronous induction motors.

The modular design includes a simplified I/O configuration but includes full featured lift-control capability with integrated braking control and wireless remote interfacing for Bluetooth devices.

An integrated RS232 serial communications port is also included, with Modbus RTU protocol and setup/diagnostics made easy with a PC programming wizard or an optional multilingual keypad.

The ADL 200 series builds on these features, with advanced characteristics for geared or gearless lift systems in standard or machine-room-less installations with asynchronous induction motors or synchronous brushless motors.

The series is based on an advanced 32-bit hardware platform with a range of pre-defined drive configurations, plus interfaces for multilevel I/O control and encoder options that include incremental, sinusoidal and EnDat absolute.

A choice of communications fieldbus options ensures maximum interfacing capability.

Gefran’s AVRy inverters feature built-in ‘clean energy’ power-recovery technology for reduced operating-system costs and energy savings for geared and gearless lift systems with synchronous or asynchronous motor ratings to 15kW and speeds to 5m/sec.

All Gefran lift drives are built for maximum lift cabin operational flexibility and comfort.

Motor control includes space-vector modulation for quiet operation and dedicated elevator features include smooth start, multi-speed, braking, output contactor and door-control functions.

Gefran lift drives also include controls for independent management of short floors and position controls for storing floor distances.

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