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Engineers at Gehl’s South Dakota production plant have implemented the portable Metris K-Series Optical CMM and measured points of choice using the wireless tactile Spaceprobe.

The ergonomic metrology system enables Gehl to halve geometric verification time on the chassis and driver compartment, and yields deeper insight when troubleshooting equipment prototypes.

Dale Yeager, Gehl quality technician, said: ‘The Optical CMM immediately activates a measurement volume that fits an entire loader vehicle, even with its lifter moved in [the] most upward position.

‘Using the wireless tactile Spaceprobe, we can walk around and measure predefined points sequentially, as visually shown on the PC screen.’ The metrology software that comes with the K-Series system automatically displays where the next measurement point is located, and when touching the point, the software provides instant confirmation regarding measurement validity.

Yeager says that quality technicians define inspection procedures by clicking the desired points on the graphic user interface and enter the points in a macro to record the process flow.

‘Overall, we realise 50 per cent inspection time gains,’ said Yeager, attributing this to K-Series’ zero setup time and Optical CMM that covers all inspection points from a single position.

K-Series consistently reaches accuracy level of 1.5/1000 of an inch, and outputs the data in any graphic or numerical format of choice.

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