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Gemba, a provider of solutions for use in food and drink, plastics, packaging, automotive and pharmaceutical applications, has enhanced its Gain4 Efficiency production efficiency software.

The new release includes the Intelligent Chart Click-Thru function, which simplifies and speeds up root-cause analysis.

The real-time software will automatically guide the user through the system’s standard report charts based on the type of data he or she is looking at.

The system will continue to drill down further each time the user clicks on a bar or trend.

With this new feature, the system will navigate the user through the standard graphical reports available, guiding him or her right to the heart of the problem.

Shift Manager, another new feature, allows the user to take a more flexible approach to shift creation.

A simple mechanism has been included, through which shifts can be created ‘on the fly’.

Designed for shop-floor use where ad-hoc deviations to standard shift patterns are common, this feature allows the user to react quickly to a fluid manufacturing environment.

Preset Count Buttons are now available on the overview screens, which, when pressed, increment a defined counter by a user-definable quantity.

For example, a ‘Reject’ button might add one to the rejected parts count – ideal for more manual processes.

This forms part of the new Enhanced Overview Controls.

Gemba Solutions sell software and services that maximize production efficiency.We are specialists in delivering tangible results quickly.

We can help you to:

*Slash production costs
*Increase capacity
*Eliminate waste
*Save energy
*Optimise labour

Here’s what some of our customers say:

“We saw a 10% increase in output from a key production cell by closer monitoring of the bottleneck machines.”

“Gemba Solutions’ software is allowing us to make significant savings throughout our manufacturing facilitiy each year. Through these savings, the system paid for itself in 6 weeks.”

“Over the first three months of the software’s use, we identified productivity savings of approximately £30,000 from just 2 machines.”

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