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Kanthal, part of Sandvik, is using Gemba Solutions’ real-time production-efficiency software at its Perth plant.

Kanthal manufactures heating systems that generate, control, protect against and measure heat.

Kanthal initially used the software to monitor activities in the extrusion area and discovered the availability of the main extruder was significantly lower than it should have been.

As the extrusion area directly feeds Kanthal’s electricity-hungry furnaces, any inefficiencies here can have a seriously detrimental effect on costs.

Based on the data that the system collected, the production support team at Kanthal worked with the team of operators to identify improvement opportunities and created an action plan to drive the changes through.

Over the following four weeks, availability of the extruder increased by 25 per cent.

Gemba Solutions sell software and services that maximize production efficiency.We are specialists in delivering tangible results quickly.

We can help you to:

*Slash production costs
*Increase capacity
*Eliminate waste
*Save energy
*Optimise labour

Here’s what some of our customers say:

“We saw a 10% increase in output from a key production cell by closer monitoring of the bottleneck machines.”

“Gemba Solutions’ software is allowing us to make significant savings throughout our manufacturing facilitiy each year. Through these savings, the system paid for itself in 6 weeks.”

“Over the first three months of the software’s use, we identified productivity savings of approximately £30,000 from just 2 machines.”

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