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Micromech has announced that Parker Electromechanical has launched the PS and RS planetary gearbox series in a second-generation design (Gen II).

These Gen II parts replace the previous Stealth PS and RS series planetary gearheads and their initial release will be in frame sizes 60, 90 and 115.

Larger frame sizes are currently in development.

The Stealth Gen II helical planetary gearheads incorporate design enhancements to provide performance for demanding high-performance applications.

The Gen II gearboxes have dual angular contact bearings, providing higher radial load capacities while maintaining high input speeds.

Design enhancements include full complement needle bearings allowing for increased service life and extended warranties.

These internal design changes and optimised gearing geometry mean that just one fill level is needed for any orientation, resulting in shortened part number designation and simplified ordering.

Universal mounting kits provide a common mounting method that is used across multiple product lines to promote quicker deliveries and easier mounting to any servo motor.

Applications that do not require a high level of precision can still be fulfilled using the PE series gearboxes.

The Gen II gearboxes include an increased radial load that is four times greater in some frame sizes; this is achieved by the implementation of dual angular contact bearings to support the output carrier and an enhancement of the internal bearing support structure.

This entails the gear pilot lengths to be increased by: 3mm for the 60mm frame; 4mm for the 90mm frame; and 3mm for the 115mm frame.

The second gearbox generation is designed for a lifetime of 20,000 hours and during this time no lubrication is needed.

This is accomplished by optimising the lubrication paths and gear geometry in the gearbox and implementing a full complement of needle bearings to support the planet gears.

This is true except of the right angle gearbox with ‘input up orientation’.

The universal mounting kits have been designed to be used across the complete Gen II gearbox range and applies to the released PS and RS gearboxes.

This enables simplified ordering, meaning faster delivery across the entire gearbox range.

The length of the mounting kit may change dependent on the motor being fitted.

The gearboxes achieve high torque and low backlash by use of helical planetary gearing.

High stiffness is made possible by the use of an integral ring gear, rigid sun gear and higher gear wear resistance, resulting from a plasma nitriding heat treatment.


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