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Jerome Stevens Pharmaceuticals, a generics manufacturer, has chosen XFP MES warehousing and electronic batch record software.

The MES software suite will help JSP with its continued expansion and eventually transform its manufacturing operations into a near-paperless production site, benefiting from increased efficiency and enhanced quality.

The current system deployment focuses on warehousing and inventory control, with the usage of a bar-coding system throughout the facility.

It will be followed in early 2009 with the implementation of an electronic batch record across all product lines, accelerating the batch release process.

Daniel Akeson, quality assurance manager at JSP, says: ‘We came to a point where we could not increase our business without real-time inventory status, optimised material flows or electronic batch reviews.

‘We truly believed an MES system was the right solution for the current challenges facing our business.

‘XFP from Elan Software was the most comprehensive and user-friendly MES package we saw that met all regulatory requirements.’ The advantages of the MES system include higher traceability through the use of electronic signatures, security and bar-coding, improved process repeatability due to stricter control of key process parameters, simpler and faster review, cross-referencing as well as the electronic storage of batch information.

‘As a family-owned business that has always put emphasis on product quality, it was critical for JSP to successfully manage their growth without compromising quality in any way,’ said Ken Strum, sales director at Elan Software.

‘Not only does XFP MES provide the complete visibility and procedural control, the exact as-built history and the batch traceability, XFP also provides JSP with the fast and efficient batch release needed to provide enhanced quality and better productivity.’

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