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Hermle has added a machining centre to its range of vertical-spindle machines, which is applicable to the tool- and mould-making sector, the medical and aerospace industries, plus precision job shops.

Sole UK agent, Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools, said that the design of the C 22 U offers maximum flexibility, as the user can choose between three- and five-axis configurations, as well as different options for table, spindle, tooling, coolant delivery, swarf management and automation.

The layout of the C 22 U is based on the manufacturer’s gantry design with staggered Y-axis slideways, mineral cast bed for good vibration damping and, in the case of the five-axis model, a trunnion-mounted rotary table.

Working envelope is 450 x 600 x 330mm in X, Y and Z, all linear axis motions being above the table.

In the ‘dynamic’ version of the machining centre, acceleration of 15m/s2 (1.5g) to rapid traverse speeds of 50m/min are achieved in X, Y and Z.

In combination with torque motors in the rotary C- and A-axes, the quick linear travels promote short machining cycles by maximising in-cut feed rates and minimising idle times.

The space-saving, circular tool magazine integrated into the machine body exchanges tools quickly; 4.5 seconds chip to chip is quoted, in accordance with VDI 2852.

There is space for 55 tools in SK40/HSK A 63 holders or 65 tool holders with HSK A 50 or HSK E 40 tapers.

Its capacity allows complete machining of highly complex workpieces or entire product ranges, or a wide variety of individual parts, saving additional set-ups.

There is a choice of five spindle drives rated up to 37kW/80Nm, with maximum speeds from 15,000 to 42,000rpm.

For 15,000rpm and 18,000rpm versions, a simple collision protection system based on a crush sleeve ensures that in the case of a spindle crash, only the sleeve needs to be replaced, minimising repair costs.

All spindles feature Hermle’s slimline design to facilitate machining of deep cavities.

Three table systems are offered: a fixed table with a 600 x 630mm clamping surface capable of supporting a load of 750kg; a 320mm diameter, swivelling rotary table with worm gear drive, mounted on a +/-135deg trunnion driven from one side; and a similar table with a direct torque drive and single or tandem drive to the trunnion.

Maximum weight of component and fixture in five-axis arrangements is 300kg.

Depending on the amount of swarf produced, a chute or different conveyors are available.

The latter can be arranged at the rear or to the left or right of the machine, according to customer preference.

There is a choice of Heidenhain iTNC 530 or Siemens 840 D SL control systems.

One feature is that the control panel with its 19in screen can be tilted up to 30deg.

The height of the panel can also be adjusted by +/-100mm, allowing users to personalise the position of the control.

The C 22 U is transported as a single unit, has a four-point support and requires no special foundations.

Adaptation to partial or full automation is enabled by a wide selection of Hermle equipment, such as pallet change and storage systems, flexible manufacturing cells with workpiece storage and material flow, as well as component handling systems including robotic solutions.

Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools

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