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Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools has launched a twin-spindle mill-turn centre from Index that can machine the five-axis elements of two compressor blades in both spindles at the same time, for example.

Alternatively, the R200 lathe can carry out the reverse-end five-axis machining of a parted-off component after synchronous pick-up in the second spindle.

This versatility is provided by two B-axis milling spindles, one above the spindle centreline and another below it, working in conjunction with the main and counter spindles respectively.

According to Geo Kingsbury, the configuration is a cost-effective alternative to using two five-axis machining centres for the production of complex components up to 175mm in diameter when chucking or 65mm from bar.

The main spindle moves in Z, the counter spindle in X and Z, the upper milling spindle in X/Y/B and the lower milling spindle in Y/B.

Taking into account the C axis on both the main and counter spindle, the result is a mill-turn centre with two independent five-axis machining systems at either side.

During the development of the lathe, emphasis was placed on achieving a high degree of thermal stability, exceptional stiffness, dynamic response and vibration damping to enable the machining of difficult-to-cut and high-strength materials, according to the company.

The basis for these characteristics is a vertical, heavily ribbed cast machine bed with the two quill-guided milling spindles placed one above the other in the centre and the main and counter spindles arranged diagonally.

Two separate shuttle units independently load the two milling spindles with HSK-A40 tools from a common 80- or 120-station tool magazine.

Short chip-to-chip times of approximately four seconds help to minimise idle times.

Two linear tool carriers fitted to the side of each milling spindle allow six stationary tools to be deployed immediately for turning operations, without the need for tool change.

Key data, such as 11kW/18,000rev/min milling spindles as well as 0.9-second acceleration to 5,000rev/min, enables productive machining.

The flexibility and speed of the machine are helped by the B-axis swivel ranges of 270deg and 230deg and rapid traverse rates of 45m/min.

The specification for the identically rated work spindles include a maximum power rating of 33kW, a maximum speed of 5,000rev/min and peak torque of 150Nm.

The Index Sliding Bar Loader (SBL) is designed for bar stock with a diameter of 20mm to 65mm and a length of up to 3,000mm.

The large bar magazine supports extended unmanned operation.

The C200-4D SL control is based on the Siemens Sinumerik S840D with Index customisation.

Virtualline software supports the economical use of the new mill-turn centre, guiding the programmer and operator to the correct solution for the machining task.

In conjunction with 3D simulation, machining programs can be created, checked and optimised on a PC.

CNC Programming Studio provides more advanced support for programming and operation.

The Index R200 is designed to support energy efficiency and includes: weight-optimised components for the reduction of energy consumption and for increasing the dynamic response; energy recovery by means of regenerative drives; the shutdown of units that consume large amounts of energy after a user-defined time; minimised friction based on optimally paired materials and low-friction bearings; the intelligent cooling of the machine; and the economical use of waste heat.

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