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Chemtura has launched its Geobrom family of bromine and brominated derivative products for the removal of mercury emitted during the combustion of coal in power plants and other coal-fired boilers.

Geobrom products are produced as part of Chemtura’s commitment to the company’s ‘Greener is Better’ programme, which contributes to energy sustainability, environmental stewardship and provides a clean, reliable, and cost effective source of power for the consumer.

The Geobrom line of brominated, inorganic, derivative products has been designed for incorporation into technologies for the efficient removal of toxic mercury emissions from coal-fired boilers in order to achieve compliance with state and federal mandates.

The product line includes Geobrom HG400, HG40S, HG520 and HG52S.

US clean air regulations are driving research and subsequent commercial development into cost effective, efficient and easily implemented technologies to remove mercury from coal-fired energy sources and prevent mercury emissions into the environment.

Bromine chemistries have demonstrated a performance advantage in many of the technologies employed for this purpose such as the addition of brominated derivative products to boilers or flues and the incorporation of bromine with sorbents that are injected into the flue.

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