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Geomagic has combined its three Geomagic Studio offerings into a single package that includes design-intent and organic-shape modelling solutions.

Design-intent modelling within Geomagic Studio enables objects to be modelled as they were originally designed, with a combination of primitive shapes, swept features and freeform surfaces.

This allows users to capture physical parts and model them without showing manufacturing defects or the wear-and-tear that results from use over time.

Design-intent modelling reduces the time required to transform physical objects into editable CAD models for applications such as product design and reverse engineering.

Organic-shape modelling in Geomagic Studio creates watertight NURBS surfaces for medical, scientific and reverse-engineering applications, where users want to create exact 3D replicas of an existing object.

This type of modelling is important in conducting accurate engineering analysis of an as-built part.

It is also the preferred tool for modelling organic objects as they exist in the real world, including human anatomy and historical artifacts.

Geomagic Studio offers integration with four major CAD packages.

The Parametric Exchange feature enables users to create optimised, parametric CAD models, complete with model trees that are editable within CAD software.

Geomagic Studio supports Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and Pro/Engineer out of the box.

A pre-release version of Parametric Exchange for NX is available for download on the Geomagic Labs website.

Geomagic Studio with design-intent and organic-shape modelling and Parametric Exchange is available.

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