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Eastec 2010 will feature Geometric’s Camworks 2010 solid-based CNC software, which improves multi-axis machining and simplifies the processing of impellers and blisks.

Eastec 2010 will be held at the Eastern States Exposition, Massachusetts, from 25-27 May 2010.

Camworks 2010 enables toolpath generation on complex part models.

It has made safe entry and retraction from the part easier and more flexible.

In turning, the ability to define variable allowances along the feature provides more control and speeds up and simplifies programming.

For turning and mill/turn machining involving irregular casting stock shapes, an STL file can now be used to represent the stock.

While creating a more realistic simulation, this also simplifies the stock definition and results in a more efficient and predictable toolpath.

Visualisation enhancements have been made to feature, tooling, and stock display.

These changes offer a more realistic representation of the machining environment to simplify programming and improve productivity.

In addition, other features enable the NC programmer to machine parts faster and more easily.

The computation for machining time has been modified and updated to provide a more accurate estimate.

This information can be used for costing and process-planning purposes.

Support for SQL Server Express has been added to improve performance in large-scale deployments of Camworks.

Camworks 2010 supports Solidworks 2009 and 2010, and Camworks Solids 2009 and 2010, running under 32- and 64-bit XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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