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Geometric has released version 2.1 of DFMPro for Pro/Engineer and Solidworks, featuring an injection-moulding module to help check the manufacturability of plastic designs within the CAD environment.

DFMPro is an automated DFM review tool facilitating upstream manufacturability validation and identification of areas in design that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture.

It allows quick and in-depth examination of product manufacturability through advanced design rules for manufacturing processes such as milling, drilling, turning, sheet-metal fabrication and injection moulding.

Among the highlights of the new version are an injection-moulding module with packaged DFM rules derived from well-known industry-accepted best practices.

Users can validate the designs to check for uniform wall thickness, recommended rib parameters, appropriate draft angles on core and cavity surfaces, undercuts, thin-steel conditions on mould, and many other common rules.

Geometric’s feature recognition techniques analyse 3D models independent of the originating CAD system, providing support for imported models.

DFMPro rules can be executed on assemblies, thus significantly reducing the time for execution.

All the parts in an assembly can be validated using a single execution.

Additional rules in machining and sheet-metal fabrication improve the extent of automated design for manufacturing reviews.

The DFMPro customisation framework allows users to write their own rules, execute the rules in a batch mode and generate reports of DFM analysis without manual intervention.

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