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GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies has brought out the Sentinel LCT and LNG.

Sentinel LCT has been designed for liquid custody transfer measurements of crude oil and refined oil products.

Sentinel LNG provides accurate measurement of liquefied natural gas, therewith offering an improved accuracy compared with traditional ship and tank level measurement.

Both flowmeters combine extreme reliability with high accuracy.

Extensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) guarantee high accuracy, even under conditions where flow conditions constantly change.

Sentinel LCT has many features that make the meters independent of viscosity changes.

Whether measuring gasoline or a heavy crude, the flow measurement is not affected by viscosity changes, unlike mechanical meters, which require a proving run every time the product changes.

This saves the customer time and removes the potential for human errors and the need for an expensive onsite prover.

Sentinel LCT uses advanced diagnostics to perform continuous self-checks and sends out a warning when something goes wrong.

A built-in flowcomputer allows for pressure, temperature and density corrections according to API 11.1.

Sentinel LNG is designed for cryogenic LNG measurements.

The meter has an externally certified measurement uncertainty of 0.2 to 0.25 per cent, making it an alternative to ship and tank-level measurement.

Where a level measurement needs multiple level, pressure and temperature transducers to compensate for density variations, just one Sentinel LNG is required to measure the total volume during loading and unloading of a ship or tanks.

Tanks trapping tables and corrections for a ship that moves due to wave motion are no longer required, allowing for a significant improvement in measurement accuracy.

Both Sentinel LNG and LCT are fully welded constructions and have no moving parts that can wear out over time and cause the meter to drift.

Both instruments are full bore and do not require filters or strainers that cause a pressure drop.

Sentinel LNG has specially designed acoustic buffers that allow the acoustic transducers to be mounted outside the cryogenic zone.

The transducers therefore never see temperature shocks, preventing long-term stress cracking.

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