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Getac has announced that its complete line of rugged notebook computers and tablet PCs are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

The company said Windows 7 will enhance its resistive multi-touch technology with an entire library of identified gestures for keyboard-free operation, even with industrial gloves.

Certified by Microsoft, Getac’s resistive multi-touch technology supports Windows 7 operating system by using a series of single-touch, dual-touch, ‘flick’ and application gestures.

This means users of Getac products can quickly and easily perform numerous on-screen tasks, such as move, copy, delete, zoom and rotate by simply touching the screen and performing the task desired with their fingers.

Resistive multi-touch technology can perform these actions, and many others while wearing protective gloves, making it ideal for industrial and field professionals that work with dangerous chemicals or perform their jobs in extreme weather conditions.

Getac said that even with gloves, the sensitivity and accuracy of the multi-touch screen is high.

The screen features a resolution of 2,048 x 2,048, 100 points per second report rate, and less than 35ms response time.

To meet the shifting trend to Windows 7 operating systems, Getac rugged products including A790, M230, V100, and B300 will be Windows 7 compatible beginning on the operating system’s availability date of 22 October 2009.

Windows 7 incorporates numerous improvements designed to maximise the overall performance of Getac’s line of rugged notebook PCs and tablet PCs.

It offers easy access to WiFi networks, reduced battery consumption, faster start-up and shutdown times, and a faster and more responsive 64-bit driver.

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