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Getac Technology has developed an RFID tracking and management system to offer a total solution for accurately tracking assets, equipment, goods or personnel in real time.

The system can be applied to logistics warehouse management, retail, healthcare and medical management, manufacturing and supply chain management.

Using Getac’s RFID technology, users can create an asset management and smart operations environment that effectively reduces labour time and costs.

The RFID tracking and management system is a hybrid solution that combines active and passive technologies.

It supports different kinds of RFID standards and its hybrid architecture allows it to operate at both short and long ranges.

Getac’s RFID tags can also be customised to include additional sensors such as temperature and motion sensing devices, which automatically send out alerts via a control system in the event of any anomaly in a target object.

Additional types of sensing and actuating devices can be added as required to expand the range of services provided by the Getac RFID system.

To reduce the time, cost and resources it takes to implement an RFID tracking and management system, Getac has developed a complete RFID middleware kit designed to simplify client-side application development.

Data can also be actively pushed to large databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL servers, shortening integration time.

The middleware is designed to offer a high level of scalability, and module customisation services are available if required.

Getac also plans to expand upon its software development kit (SDK) for the middleware to offer real-time location system functionality in the future.

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