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Toolholding supplier Gewefa UK is now offering the latest Parlec 1800 TMM pre-setter.

The pre-setter is a self-contained, free-standing machine that combines the features of its 1500 Parsetter machines, while offering a range of advanced features associated with higher-end machines.

The 1800 is mounted on a durable steel cabinet base and is said to offer more than 15 measuring, pre-setting and inspection routines on the standard PSC software configuration, with a single-button execution for most functions.

When supplied with the optional PC-based PGC6 tool management software, it is claimed to offer a robust platform that is powerful enough to run challenging applications.

These can include reduced set-up times, minimised material waste and significant improvements in the life and utilisation of cutting tools.

The measuring range is 420mm in diameter, with an additional 50mm travel to the right of the spindle for reamer and turning applications, and a length range of between 400mm and 600mm.

Quick positioning is intended to facilitate smooth travel and ease of motion.

As standard, the machine is supplied with a 40 or 50 ISO spindle for SK, CAT, BT and BIG Plus tooling, which includes vacuum clamping, a 360-degree brake and a 90-degree indexing.

The light-emitting diode ring light is said to offer clear tool surface inspection and the camera utilises a dynamic cross hair system for fast measuring.

There is also a dual-axis fine adjustment system.

The 1800 TMM has a 17in (43cm) TFT touch-screen interface, a rubber sealed mouse and a keyboard and label printer with multiple label formats as standard.



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