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Frazero is utilising a GibbsCAM system, supplied by Tech CAD/CAM, to successfully machine complex panel shapes for car-part manufacture in three and five axes.

Frazero operators can programme jobs while the machine is running and their machining experience ensures that the most appropriate methods are used.

Frazero has 11 CNC machine tools, three three-axis Mikrons, two five-axis Mikrons, one Haas with trunnion capable of producing five-axis parts, four three-axis Cincinnati machining centres and one Geiss five-axis router.

The majority of new concept designs produced by the company are modelled in the GibbsCAM system, however, for complex parts from companies like Bentley and Rolls-Royce, designs are imported in car line directly from CATIA.

Frazero also uses Solid Works CAD software to provide design capacity for its customers.

For five-axis programming, the GibbsCAM software has dedicated toolpaths, including projection and swarf milling.

It supports flat, ball, bull nose, conical and lollipop cutters, and includes collision checking for the tool and its holder.

Frazero uses the Geiss five-axis router, which has a has a rotational limit of 355deg, for trimming finished panels.

The GibbsCAM software is able to recognise this, retract the tool, unwind the axis and start machining again.

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