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Ethernet Direct is offering a full gigabit-managed switch with six-port 10/100/1000T and two SFP ports, suitable for deployment in military and defence applications.

Whether it is for ground-to-ground, ground-to-air or ground-to-satellite applications, communication networks and systems in the military and defence sector cannot afford to have any small fracture in information transmission, according to the company.

To enable the command centre to have every piece of information required for analysing, decision making and command delivering processes, Ethernet connectivity is required to process the information from remote sites to the control centre.

With strategic and tactical-oriented military operations involved, the communication platform has to be fast, fault tolerant and robust.

Industrial gigabit Ethernet switches with redundancy designs, such as ring redundancy and power redundancy, are ideal for handling data transmission safely and smoothly.

Designed using industry standards, the HMG-628G switch protects existing network investments by providing compatibility with 10Mbps, 100Mpbs and 1,000Mbps devices.

The pluggable SFP Mini-GBIC gives users the flexibility to mix and match fibre interfaces depending on their existing network structures.

Web browser, SNMP, Telnet, CLI and menu-driven management can remotely configure the temperature combo managed industrial switch.

According to Ethernet Direct, the HMG-628G offers excellent management features with advanced security.

To secure a network, the IP security function supports 10 IP address accounts for system management security for web, SNMP and Telnet management security to prevent intrusions.

Featuring advanced management features, the HMG-628G supports dual homing and ring coupling.

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