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Gigavac has announced the GX200 – an RoHS compliant 350+ amp contactor with a rated operating voltage up to 750+ volts, both DC and AC.

The GX200 contactor uses Gigavac’s Epic sealing technology (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic).

This provides a ceramic-to-metal seal rated to 175C, which reduces risk of fire or meltdown in over-current conditions.

With Gigavac’s Epic hermetic seal, the GX200 is designed to meet UL1604 for Class I and II, Div 2 and Class III for use in hazardous locations; IP67 for temporary water immersion for 30 minutes; SAE J1171 for external ignition protection; and ISO8846 for protection against ignition around flammable gasses.

Unlike the PWM (pulse width modulation) coil economiser found in other contactors, the GX200 uses high-efficiency dual coils; one coil drops out after the contactor is energised providing low power to keep the contactor energised.

The GX200 has a built-in power terminal safety cover (PTSC), providing extra assurance of a safer connection without the use of metal fastening screws.

The PTSC can be easily removed in applications where it is not needed.

‘These contactors are an alternative to the EV200 for existing solar, wind, vehicle, battery-operated systems, light rail and other applications,’ said Jim Lanum, vice president of sales and technical support.

‘However, our more advanced Epic sealed GX14 is the preferred product for newer applications because of its easy to connect chassis level power terminations.’ Measuring 70.2mm (2.77in) in height, 59.5mm (2.34in) in width and 80.7mm (3.18in) in length, the GX200 sealed contactors can be mounted in any direction practically anywhere.

The GX200 can carry and switch 350A up to 750V, and can handle 500+ amps with larger cables and higher temperature rated cable insulation.

Stainless steel hardware and mounting inserts provide years of corrosion free service.

Single pole, double throw (SPDT) auxiliary contacts rated at 2A are available as an option.

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