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GK Enviro offers solvent recovery systems and waste management systems that it claims can increase component cleaning efficiency at reduced costs.

The traditional process for component cleaning in the UK is solvent degreasing.

It is said to offer the most convenient method of cleaning with constant critical results.

At a time of high regulation when traditional chlorinated solvents face greater controls or even worse, removal from the market, they are often replaced by products demanding higher prices to maintain critical standards.

In view of legislation such as the Solvent Emissions Directive, the goal of companies is to reduce their total use of product to two tonnes or below.

The ideal solution to arrive at this mass balance and avoid greater enforcement costs is to control and handle solvents ‘in house’ in effective ways.

GK Enviro’s solvent recovery systems are said to be capable of recovering a 90 per cent yield in batches of 800 litres.

It also offers waste management systems that it says provide best practice, safety of handling and responsible use.

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