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GKN Wheels has showcased the Profi-fit wheel for off-highway vehicles at the Agritechnica event in Germany.

The Profi-fit wheel is said to bring benefits for manufacturers of off-highway vehicles, including easier tyre fitment, which is less likely to damage tyres, and a lighter-weight design that has not compromised the wheel’s strength and durability.

A number of design improvements are apparent on the Profi-fit wheel, including a rolled-over outer edge, which strengthens the rim and makes the initial tyre-fitting easier.

Other features include the introduction of a double ‘bump’ and an increase in angle of the well wall.

These changes are said by GKN to make it easier to inflate low-pressure tyres while on the wheel, at the same time as allowing wheels to be produced more sustainably, using less steel.

The Profi-fit wheel is also said to deliver subsequent benefits to off-highway vehicle manufacturers and end users.

For example, the lightweight design of the wheel can contribute to reductions in the vehicle’s ground pressure, fuel consumption and overall carbon emissions.

The Profi-fit wheel has been tested fully and is undergoing field trials for a number of off-highway original equipment manufacturers.

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