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GKS Inspection Services has announced it is now offering daily, weekly and monthly rentals of Faro portable measurement equipment.

Since GKS already provides 3D measurement services worldwide using Faro equipment, it has a large pool of systems available for its rental programme.

The company indicated that it would focus initially on rentals of Platinum Faroarms, Faro Scanarms and Faro LS/Photon laser scanners.

For less experienced customers, GKS can provide a trained engineer or metrologist to operate the Faro equipment and perform the needed measurements.

GKS can also provide post processing of the Cad data generated by the Faro laser scanning systems.

‘This rental programme is a great option for knowledgeable customers who just need to utilise the equipment for a limited number of projects or for a temporary increase in workload,’ said Steve DeRemer, general manager of the GKS Michigan office.

GKS officials also noted that existing Faro customers are taking advantage of the rental programme when their own systems are sent to Faro for factory calibrations and repairs.

The Platinum Faroarm is able to measure parts and search for flaws, according to set specifications from a 3D Cad model or 2D print.

The Faroarm is a portable CMM with a precision of +/- 0.0005, offering a higher accuracy than other portable measurement tools.

This 3D contact measuring system uses a physical touch probe to get precise measurements.

The Faro Scanarm is very similar to the Faroarm but includes a laser scanner probe in addition to the touch probe.

It is useful for measurement of medium to large sized parts having a complex shape or a free form surface.

The Faro LS and Photon systems are high-accuracy, high-speed terrestrial laser scanners that are capable of scanning massive objects and spaces in less time and with greater precision than a conventional scanner.

The scanners can be used for scanning ships, roadways, buildings, bridges and power plants.

Applications for these types of large format scanners are growing rapidly and GKS provides short or medium-term rentals of this specialised equipment.

The Faroarm system is delivered with Faro Cam2 CMM measurement software.

The Scanarm uses Geomagic software and the LS/Photon systems include Faroscene software.

GKS Inspection Services is available to assist customers with any training or support that may be needed on the Faro hardware or software.

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