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GKS Scanning Services is seeking partnerships with surveying and civil engineering firms that want to offer 3D laser scanning to customers.

Many of these firms have not yet incorporated this technology due to its high cost and technical complexity.

Since GKS is not a competing professional engineering firm, the company aims to form collaborative partnerships with a select number of these firms in different regions.

3D scanning can be used for surveying large-scale, complex entities, such as entire buildings, factories, power plants, roads, bridges, landscapes, plus other structures and locations.

The collected data can be used to create universally usable, dimensionally accurate 3D CAD models or conventional 2D line drawings such as blueprints or floor plans.

‘Surveyors and civil engineers like the idea of being able to laser scan large project areas and achieve accurate 3D models,’ said a spokesperson for GKS.

‘However, they are still apprehensive about their ability to perform the scans and handle the voluminous amount of data that is generated,’ adds the company.

The GKS Professional Partner Program can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a surveying or civil engineering firm.

GKS can provide scanner equipment rentals or full scanning services with one of its expert operators.

The company can also provide 3D scan data processing services.

All of these services are discounted when provided through a professional partner.

As with any complex technology, 3D laser scanning requires specialised equipment, software and training for optimal results.

Many of these scanning applications are one-time projects where the professional firm can’t justify the substantial cost of buying and learning a new system and its software.

GKS said it can make the laser scanning experience seamless and profitable for its professional partners.

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