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GL Communications has announced the release of enhancements to VoIP conformance testing for MGCP , MEGACO and SIP.

Vijay Kulkarni, chief executive officer, said ‘MAPS is a protocol simulation and conformance test tool that can be applied to a variety of protocols such as MGCP, SIP, MEGACO, ISUP, ISDN, GSM, and others.

‘The application is scripted and includes various real-time calling scenarios, traffic generation, test plans, test procedures, and test cases for comprehensive testing of protocols.

‘MAPS MGCP protocol simulation and conformance testing application is designed to test Media Gateways (MG) and Media Gateway Controllers (MGC).

It supports conformance test cases and call flow scenarios for MGCP entities in Voice over IP networks.

‘The testing tool provides a MGCP test library that includes test functions to generate MGCP messages, edit messages, simulate a variety of call flows, and control scenarios.

Message sequences are generated through scripts.’ He added, ‘Some of the important features of the protocol are: simulates Media Gateway Controller (MGC) and Media Gateway (MG); generates and processes MGCP valid and invalid messages; supports fully integrated, complete test environment for MGCP; Supports all the MGCP commands such as CRCX, NTFY, MDCX, RQNT, AUEP, AUCX, DLCX, EPCF, and RSIP; supports automated call generation using scripts; provides protocol trace with full message decoding, custom trace, and graphical ladder diagrams of call flow with time stamp while simulation is running and Interactive GUI to view status; results, call information, total number of iterations and number of completed iterations.’ MAPS – SIP is designed to test SIP proxy servers, Redirect servers, Registrars and user agents such as SIP phones.

Test cases include call flow scenarios for multimedia call session setup and control over IP networks.

The MAPS – SIP Conformance Suite is designed with more than 300 test cases, as per SIP specification of ETSI TS 102 027-2 document.

The application gives the users unlimited ability to edit SIP messages and control scenarios (message sequences).

MAPS can also be used as a Bulk call generator, which generates and receives SIP calls up to 100,000 calls per system.

MAPS – MEGACO is designed for MEGACO testing and provides a MEGACO test library capable of testing Media Gateways (MG) and Media Gateway Controllers (MGC).

The test library includes test functions to generate MEGACO messages, edit messages, simulate a variety of call flows and control scenarios.

The MAPS – MEGACO Conformance Suite is designed with more than 250 test cases, as per specification of ETSI TS 102 374-2 document.

The test suite includes in-built scripts to process MEGACO valid and in-valid behaviors.

MAPS-MEGACO tool also simulates various Media Gateways call scenarios such as Analogue Gateways and Trunking Gateways.

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