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To combat the problem of struvite accummulation causing blockages and reducing pressure, the Nine Springs Wastewater Plant in Madison, Wisconsin, US, installed glass-lined plug valves from Valmatic.

Glass-lined plug valves were chosen because the glass lining provides a smooth, non-stick interior surface that helps to prevent the collection of elements that lead to a struvite build up in a location that’s known to be a likely problem area.

They will also cut down on friction loss.

Glass lining is said to be a highly specialised option and Valmatic claims to be one of the few manufacturers that provide glass lining for all sizes of plug valves.

More than 20 of Valmatic glass-lined plug valves were installed at Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Other methods for solving struvite problems involve chemical control, which is costly and requires regular maintenance.

This means that choosing glass-lined plug valves at an area prone to struvite growth could prove to be the cheapest and easiest option.

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