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Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) has used its edge-lit LED light-guide technology to create a troffer downlight that is slim, light, efficient and can be mass produced cost effectively.

The troffer backlight utilises advanced technologies to extract light precisely where needed, providing bright, uniform light in a thinner form factor without hot spots or dark areas.

The LEDs are spaced along the edge of the troffer assembly against the light guide to create an assembly measuring 23.5in x 23.5in, with a thickness of only 0.35in and a weight of less than 3kg (6.6lb).

GLT’s edge-lighting approach achieves maximum efficiency in light dispersion, with a product now in production offering a brightness of 24 lumens at an output of 400 +/-30 lux at 2m, a colour temperature of 4,000K/6,000K and power consumption of 45W.

Future production modules will be even more efficient.

‘Illuminating this troffer with the traditional fluorescent tube technology would have resulted in an assembly up to 5in thick,’ said Brett Shriver, GLT’s director of sales.

‘Our approach yields a much slimmer, more lightweight, higher-intensity backlight with an LED lifetime of about 30,000 hours.

‘Plus, with three production facilities in China and Taiwan, we can offer mass production.

‘We can make them in the thousands with no differentiation from troffer to troffer,’ he added.

As LEDs contain no mercury, the edge-lit troffer is also an environmentally friendly solution.

It can reduce maintenance and power consumption and, when compared to a direct backlighting approach using LED arrays minimises thermal management issues as well as the number of LEDs required for efficient, uniform light dispersion.

Pricing for GLT edge-lit troffer backlights varies according to size, application, number of LEDs and quantity.

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