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Gofers is currently handling the distribution of seven magazine titles, nationally and internationally, for the Ink publishing house.

Ink produces magazines for the likes of Virgin trains and BMI in the UK for national and international distribution.

Ideally, the printing company includes distribution into costings.

However, from time to time, distribution is excessively complicated or prohibitively expensive, and so a reliable and trustworthy logistics firm is called upon to handle the distribution of hundreds of thousands of magazines.

For the work Ink does with airlines, it is bound contractually to deliver magazines to aircraft by a certain date.

This presents many challenges, from strike actions to language issues on the ground.

Gofers has been handling Ink’s delivery needs for over eight years.

If Ink needs to make last-minute changes or a shipment needs to be tracked, Gofers is able to respond in a quick and satisfactory manner.

Gofers Logistics Worldwide

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