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Uvex has added the Uvex Skyguard NT, the Uvex Superfit and the Uvex Carbonvision to its goggle safety eyewear range, which is suited for the manufacturing, aerospace and automotive industries.

All three products offer high levels of eye protection from dust and liquid splash, combined with enhanced comfort and a lightweight design.

Available in a variety of colours and lens options, they are especially suitable for use in utilities, construction, engineering and power generation.

All three feature permanent lens coatings that offer lasting anti-fogging and scratch resistance.

The Uvex Skyguard NT spectacle provides for extra protection from liquid splash and dust in general industrial, chemical and laboratory use.

It features a low-profile wrap-around design that gives a close, unobtrusive fit and provides an unhindered field of vision.

Adjustable to fit all individuals, its hard and soft material combination offers high levels of comfort and protection to the wearer.

The ultra-thin lens of the sporty Uvex Superfit minimises refraction by bending the rays of light through the glass when the light changes direction.

It has a slimline hinge, grips the head fast at the temple and is close-fitting.

The Uvex Carbonvision goggle is particularly suitable for use in extreme conditions, such as in quarrying and fabrication.

Its frame and strap, and high-tech materials give a secure, pressure-free fit and an effective seal to the face.

The Supravision extreme lens permanent coating performs to three times the standard for personal eye protection, according to the company.

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