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Integrated 3D computer-aided design (CAD) technologies increasingly hold the key to optimizing the entire design-to-manufacturing process, enabling manufacturers to bring better products to market faster than the competition. Although CAD has historically focused on design modeling, with manufacturing drawings being the final product, CAD data can now be used to streamline and automate other important downstream tasks.

These tasks include virtual product simulation and design validation, reducing the need for physical prototypes; CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) programming, generating tool paths for CNC machining; additive manufacturing processes, including metal and plastics; mold, tool, die, and fixture development, supporting manufacturing processes; cost estimation and quoting, automating aspects of purchasing; shop floor documentation creation, including drawings, BOMs (bills of materials), assembly instructions, and exploded views; quality control inspection, formalizing inspection of incoming and manufactured parts; documentation development, automating the creation of user manuals and service guides; and photorealistic rendering, streamlining the development of high-quality images, videos, and interactive web content.

What’s more, integrated CAD can support these functions in a concurrent rather than a serial fashion. By helping manufacturers eliminate redundancies, unnecessary effort, and the potential for error, integrated SOLIDWORKS® Premium 3D design software can serve as the cornerstone of an integrated design-to-manufacturing process, providing the efficiency, agility, and flexibility that manufacturers need to maintain a competitive edge.

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Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS design software is as simple as it is powerful – enabling any company to bring its vision to life and capture global markets. SOLIDWORKS® solutions focus on the way you work every day, with an intuitive, integrated 3D design environment that covers all aspects of product development and helps maximize your design and engineering productivity. Over 2 million designers and engineers worldwide use SOLIDWORKS to bring designs to life—from the coolest gadgets to innovations for a better tomorrow.

Design Faster and Smarter with the Power of SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS® solutions can help boost productivity, harness intelligence, foster innovation, and facilitate collaboration. Through tight integration, SOLIDWORKS tools enable you to leverage 3D models throughout the organization, bringing processes together so you can get products to market faster.

Bring Innovative Products to Market Faster

By providing best-in-class, tightly integrated tools for every area of product development and management, SOLIDWORKS enables enterprises to speed each stage of the development cycle by allowing all disciplines to work concurrently, starting with concepts all the way through to manufacturing.

  • Powerful design functionality and ease of use
  • Process-driven solutions keep focus on big picture
  • Easy-to-deploy data management facilitates collaboration
  • Virtual prototyping drives innovation, improves quality
  • Integrated design-to-manufacturing gets products built faster

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