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Battery failures, battery replacement and limited battery lifetime all beg the same question – WHY do we need them? The significant time and cost to replace batteries is obvious, but what about the hidden problem – the impact on data gathering? How can analysis be complete when there are monitoring gaps? How can analysis be comprehensive when collection intervals are designed to suit a battery and not your needs?

In many scenarios’ the battery is not effective as the primary power source. DCO Systems offer an alternative that boosts sensor capability and eliminates battery management costs. Our equipment sensors are designed to harness energy from their surroundings. Energy from heat, light, vibration, and ambient electromagnetism can be found everywhere, even in remote and inaccessible locations that have limited access and minimal infrastructure. Energy harvestingtechnology within our sensors is maintenance free and always available.

Our sensor units harvest and store energy, creating the conditions for much more frequent data reporting and always on, real-time connection of your equipment and assets. Further benefits include simplified plug and play installation, dynamic control of updates to suit your needs, capture of data at the source and multi-year maintenance free operation. Data is sent to our online analysis dashboard allowing engineers to access updates, diagnostics, and predictions wherever they are and whenever they want.

With DCO’s energy harvesting sensors, you can remotely monitor anything, anywhere. Our sensors go further on reach and reliability. Isn’t it time you said goodbye to battery powered sensors and hello to energy harvesting technology?

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We provide industry with affordable, equipment monitoring sensors and software. Working with end users, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we deploy standard solutions that are easily pre-installed or retrofitted to equipment and processes – especially steam systems. Our equipment sensors power themselves using waste energy found in heat, vibration and light and do not require maintenance or an electrician to install them.

These game-changing wireless sensors enable affordable monitoring of an entire system, collecting and storing real-time data and delivering immediate reports via dashboards, alerts and notifications to engineers and factory managers. Installed out of the box using IIoT technology our sensors remotely monitor steam traps, boilers, heat exchangers, actuators, valves, economisers, air handlers, heat recovery units and pipework. DCO’s monitoring solutions frees up engineer resources to focus on change and improvement processes; it also helps to improve maintenance (preventative and corrective), reduce downtime, enhance quality control and extend equipment lifetime.

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