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Dematic has introduced Rapidpick, a high-capacity goods-to-person order-fulfillment system that brings split-case items to an operator and allows pick rates of up to 1,000 items per hour.

Rapidpick consists of a highly engineered operator workstation that rotates containers of items into and out of the station, enabling the operator to efficiently pick items into an order container.

Rapidpick is typically integrated with an inventory staging buffer, such as Dematic Multishuttle, that stores and delivers the split case items to the Rapidpick workstation for picking.

The operator interface screen provides simple instructions for the worker.

Large fonts and colour icons indicate quantity to pick.

An adjustable height platform is raised or lowered for the operator to allow a comfortable and effective working position.

The operator stays in one place while items are delivered to the pick station in precise sequence – heavy items first, fragile items last, for lot control, by family group or in whatever sequence required.

Rapidpick allows ultra-high pick accuracy as only one SKU is presented to the operator at a time.

It also accommodates totes and/or cartons of different sizes and facilitates picking directly into the shipping container.

With less than a 1sec tote-exchange time, the operator does not have to wait for a new SKU.

Rush orders can be added and prioritised by inserting at the top of the order queue.

The Rapidpick workstation is designed for sustained productivity and employee comfort.

In normal operation, the operator does not need to move hands above the shoulder or extend arms beyond a comfortable reach.

The work platform is adjustable in order to accommodate operators of various heights.

The operator screen adjusts for height and angle to minimise neck strain.

Loads are automatically delivered to and removed from the workstation eliminating the need for operators to lift or push cartons and totes.

The ergonomic design and simple, icon-driven operator screens allows Rapidpick stations to meet Universal Access guidelines.

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