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Goratu has developed the Lagun model GML movable mounting milling machine for the machining of large and irregular-shaped parts.

The machine is equipped with a higher work-area capacity, due to larger-sized structural elements such as the column and the ram.

It also features hydraulic compensation technologies for guaranteeing precision throughout its entire work area.

The Lagun GML movable mounting milling machine is equipped with the Siemens 840 D computer numerical control and features new travel lengths: Z ‘vertical’ – 2500mm; Y ‘transversal’ – 1500mm.

It offers automatic head change, and is equipped with three heads: cabezal automatic orthogonal head (first head on each of the two bodies); horizontal head (model L340); and horizontal head (model L750).

In addition, the Lagun machine has an automatic tool changer (chain type) for 60 tools and is designed to incorporate rotating and translating shafts.

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