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WL Gore has introduced a low-profile SFP+ direct-attach copper cable assembly that is fibre-like in size and more flexible than optical fibre.

Gore Low-Profile Copper Cable fulfils the needs of dense higher-port-count switch installations and provides a more reliable interconnect for high-performance computing (HPC) and networking environments using 10GbE, FCoE or 8Gbit fibre channel.

Gore’s new cable is ideal for 0.5 to three-metre assemblies, while using a 2.10mm round-profile cable up to two metres and a 2.80mm round-profile cable for three metres.

This low-profile cable is targeted at data centre applications, where a large percentage of high-density port-count interconnects are three metres or less (for example in top-of-the-rack switching installations).

The smaller, low-profile cable is half the cross-sectional area of OM3 fibre optic cable and one-third the size of 62.5/125 optical cable, with a significantly reduced bend radius.

By comparison, standard SFP+ copper cable assemblies in these lengths utilise cables that are roughly 4.40mm in diameter and have a typical 30mm bend-radius.

The reduced bend-radius and smaller diameter of Gore’s low-profile cables allow for more aggressive routing and cleaner dressing of the cables in networking and computing environments.

This new cable doesn’t interfere with the closing of cabinet doors in dense environments.

Gore has taken advantage of the low dielectric constant insulation and consistent electrical performance of its proprietary low-loss expanded PTFE, known as Gore-Tex.

Gore has used this material to make smaller cables that still provide consistent and stringent electrical performance at 10Gbps.

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