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Goss Springs manufactures a range of small, high-precision components and assemblies from metal sheet and wire with diameters ranging from just 0.1mm to 8mm. The company has been manufacturing springs, wire forms and metal pressings since its formation in 1954.

The company supplies customers around the world. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, defence, marine, electrical components, electronics, medical devices, security systems, sports and leisure goods, hobbies and toy supplies and oil and gas.

Goss claims that it is not a traditional ‘manufacture-to-stock-and-catalogue’-type enterprise. Its products are almost exclusively manufactured to customer specifications and range from simple helical springs to complex multi-stage pressings, some with precious-metal contacts or exotic materials, virtually all custom made in close consultation with customers.

Goss’s design and technical advisory capabilities extend to a dedicated prototyping workshop where customers are invited to work alongside in-house specialists during the product development and testing stages. The company is able to offer advice to customers from the outset on both materials selection and materials processing techniques, and follow it through with advice on the most cost-effective manufacturing route to completion. 

Product manufacture

  • The products that Goss Springs manufactures at its site in Epping, Essex, cover a variety of spring types, including compression, extension/tension and torsion, in forms including barrel, conical, double-torsion, double-conical and bespoke wire.
  • A full range of pressings can also be supplied through affiliate company Press & Multi-slide Tooling.
  • Goss’s production volumes are high, ranging from the ‘one-off special’ to individual customer batches of hundreds of thousands of pieces. Overall, many millions of parts are produced per week, with an average annual total approaching 365 million parts.
  • Various materials are used in the manufacture of these products, including annealed and pre-hardened carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous alloys, silver, nickel silver, gold, the latest generation of thermo-bimetals and high-nickel-alloy material for applications subject to corrosive and high-temperature environments.
  • Goss conducts virtually all necessary manufacturing processes and product testing in-house, which helps customers achieve overall economies of production and thus value for money. In addition, having all manufacturing and testing contained under one roof ensures much closer control over product quality during the production process.
  • The company has a range of manufacturing machines and processes at its disposal, including grinding, ultrasonic cleaning, barrelling and plating, heat treatment, stress relieving, calibration, assembly and tooling.
  • An in-house plastic injection moulding facility is also available for customers who require over-moulded parts. Components can be supplied bare polished or coated with a variety of protective or plating finishes, applied either to the whole or to specified areas of the component.
  • Subassembly is also part of the Goss offering. Value-added services, such as the assembly of springs and contacts in electrical components, are available to customers. The company also helps customers to integrate assembly at the earliest point of manufacture, thereby reducing transport and handling costs and speeding up turnaround. Moreover, assembly of medical devices in the company’s cleanroom facility will avoid cross contamination at a later date.
  • For those customers who are just seeking a spring of standard size and dimensions, Goss will try to provide a product manufactured to the same exacting quality standards — with all necessary statistical information — at no extra cost.

Design, Manufacture & Assembly Of Precision Components
We are one of Britains leading producers of high quality precision springs, wire forms and pressings
Whether the requirement is for a simple helical spring or a complex multi-stage pressing with precious metal contacts, Goss Springs offer a wealth of experience and supply customers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide. Our production capacity is further enhanced by our own ‘in-house’ Injection Plastic Moulding capability for customers who require over moulded parts.

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