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Shorflo, the Pump Hire Division of Groundforce, has become the exclusive rental supplier of Hidrostal’s range of GP self-priming diesel-driven pumpsets.

Hidrostal developed its pumpsets to meet the needs of emergency and project pumping.

They are used throughout the UK by water companies, environment agencies and drainage boards.

Hidrostal’s self-priming diesel-driven pumpsets are environmentally friendly and cost effective to run.

The efficient engine and priming system sets the standard for delivering fuel efficiency and keeping overall operating costs to a minimum.

Its level-control management system means that the pumps do not need to run on ‘snore’, which has the obvious benefits of reduced pump running time and fuel consumption, and also eliminates unnecessary noise.

The Hidrostal range is built with an acoustic canopy that houses the pump unit and fuel tank to ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum to allow for unrestricted deployment in noise-sensitive areas.

There is no risk of ground contamination, as all leakages – sewage, fuel or lubricating oil – will remain within the fully bunded containment.

As with all Hidrostal pumps, the pumps are built around the Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller, recognised for its exceptional solids-handling capability.

The Hidrostal self-priming diesel-driven pumpset range will easily pump ‘dirty’ water containing large objects, debris, sticks and even bentonite, making it ideal for emergency flood-relief situations.

The range’s ability to handle unscreened sewage and sludge without blocking also makes it an exceptional mobile pumping station for temporary pumping or transferring sewage between stations when stationary pump units are inoperable.

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