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A GPRS Edge modem offering wireless internet connections at three times the speeds of conventional GSM/GPRS modems has been introduced by TDC.

Aimed at security cameras, kiosks and other data-intensive remote systems, the Multitech Multimodem Edge from TDC is also suitable for providing immediate, high-speed data connections to mobile workers in the emergency services, transit systems and construction industry.

Based on quad-band GSM, and supplied with full Type Approval, Multimodem provides an instant, always-on data connection worldwide on existing GSM networks.

The Multitech Multimodem delivers fast wireless data speeds over standard mobile networks by using Edge technology.

It can be integrated into embedded applications through the on board RS-232, USB, PCI and Ethernet interfaces.

Features include an embedded TCP/IP stack, bringing internet connectivity to any device without the need for a hardware redesign.

In order to deliver fast, always-on data communications, it supports Edge Class 12 packet switched data, giving link speeds of up to 240kbps.

It also supports GSM circuit-switched data connections at up to 14.4kbps, Class 1 Group 3 FAX and SMS services.

Multimodem is delivered in a robust, industrial chassis with an SMA antenna connector.

It can be desk or panel mounted and features numerous helpful LED status indicators.

Drivers are available for popular operating systems.

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