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The Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS) from Insys Microelectronics enables the regular retrieval of system data, including the transfer of large amounts of data, within industrial environments.

GPRS offers a permanently available connection, with a transfer rate up to 85kbps (upload and download).

The GPRS systems are built for applications where reliability, constant availability, and easy integration and configuration are essential.

The DIN-rail mount devices include GPRS 5.0 serial, GPRS 5.0 Ethernet and Moros GPRS 2.1, which is a combined GPRS modem, router and four-port switch.

GPRS communication can also be embedded into custom product designs such as smart energy meters, vending machines and instrumentation using the Insys i-module GPRS 3.0, which is a plug-in integration module.

The GPRS communication platforms are quad-band devices (850/900/1,800/1,900MHz) and can therefore be used worldwide.

They fully support SMS notifications, as well as GSM data connections.

The Insys GPRS 5.0 serial provides modem emulation for remote configuration and maintenance purposes – the customer-specific application can supply data to the transparent RS-232 interface, to be transmitted over the GPRS network.

A virtual COM port driver allows easy integration of the device into the existing system.

Ethernet devices can be connected using the GPRS 5.0 Ethernet.

This means that Ethernet-based control systems with programmable controllers, RTU, data loggers and computers can be readily connected for remote access.

Using the callback function, a GPRS connection can be initiated via SMS or via a trigger phone call.

GPRS devices from Insys can therefore be reached in all networks and, using the Windows tool HSComm, they can be configured on location.

Remote configuration via data link or SMS is also possible.

Moros GPRS 2.1 combines the functions of a modem, a router and a switch in one compact DIN-rail enclosure.

Communication from or to the remote station is established directly or via the internet.

Insys Microelectronics

INSYS MICROELECTRONICS is a specialist manufacturer for Industrial data communication. Since 1992 INSYS has been developing and manufacturing robust devices for industrial and ‘remote’ applications, serving a variety of industries – industrial automation, building management, transportation and utilities. We offer a broad range of communication technologies in various housings both wireless and cabled. Products include DIN Rail mounted Analogue and Leased Line modems, GSM/GPRS/EDGE modems; GPRS and 3G routers with combined 4 port switch, Ethernet and WLAN devices. Beyond this, INSYS offers you component communication modules for embedded applications and comprehensive project support to develop and construct customer-specific devices – we are a competent prototype partner. All products are backed with comprehensive support. In future INSYS Microelectronics intends to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of industrial data communication hardware by ensuring the continued manufacture of reliable products with industrial grade components with customer support of the very highest standard.

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