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U-Blox has launched the LEA-6R, a GPS module based on the latest U-Blox 6 platform designed for after-market devices requiring uninterrupted navigation even during poor GPS signal reception.

The surface-mount module comes with the company’s Sensor Fusion Dead-Reckoning technology integrated.

When GPS satellites are out of sight, location is extrapolated using distance and angle information from the gyroscope and speed pulse sensors.

U-Blox said this makes the LEA-6R an ideal solution for applications such as fleet and asset management, road-pricing and insurance systems as well as automatic vehicle location (AVL).

Thomas Nigg, vice-president of product marketing at U-Blox, said: ‘The LEA-6R is ideal for vehicle add-on devices because it easily interfaces to wheel-tick and gyro sensors to enhance GPS satellite positioning.

‘The self-calibration solution is ideal for systems that depend on continuous, accurate and reliable positioning in tunnels, indoor parking facilities and deep urban canyons,’ he added.

The LEA-6R is a standalone solution requiring no host integration.

It easily adapts to all vehicle types, allowing pulse input via direct analogue signal or via USB or UART.

It is hardware and firmware compatible with the previous generation LEA-4R.

The LEA-6R interfaces directly to the vehicle odometer and gyroscope.

It is manufactured at ISO/TS 16949 certified sites.

Qualification tests are performed as stipulated in the ISO16750 standard: ‘Road vehicles – Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment’.

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