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On the surface, mobile-phone-based GPS vehicle tracking may seem like a cheap alternative to traditional GPS tracking systems.

However, extensive field tests and customer reviews show that mobile-phone GPS tracking falls far short of hard-wired GPS tracking systems.

The supposed up-front cost advantages of a mobile-phone GPS are completely diminished in the long term.

Mobile-phone signals are widely known to be unreliable and spotty, meaning that tracking data will likely have gaps.

You can’t effectively use GPS to manage your fleet with only partial data.

The Fleetmatics GPS Tracking System has a 99.9 per cent uptime.

The data you get from Fleetmatics will be complete, giving you all the information you need to make informed fleet-management decisions.

Most mobile-phone GPS tracking solutions utilise mobile phone towers to determine location, meaning that you know which phone tower your employee is closest to, but your employee could actually be hundreds of feet away.

The Fleetmatics GPS Tracking System provides pinpoint location and time information.

You will know the exact location of every vehicle every moment of every day.

You can also use the satellite mapping to view the vehicle right down to street level with complete accuracy.

Fleetmatics also provides extensive training on our system to help you get the most out of all the functions and features.

Fleetmatics offers several upgrades throughout the year.

All software and mapping upgrades are distributed automatically and remotely at no additional cost.

The Fleetmatics GPS Tracking System utilises a powerful software application that allows clients to get all the information they need to make informed business decisions.

The software is web-based and can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet.

The Fleetmatics software features a dashboard that gives you a complete picture of your fleet performance in real time on one screen.

You get historical reports with highlighted information on inappropriate driver behaviour, including speeding, excessive idle times and driving outside unauthorised times and areas.

True start and stop information, as well as engine on and off times, also provide automated timesheets for more accurate payroll and reduced overtime.

Fleetmatics GPS has integrated Google Maps API Premier into the system so you get accurate location maps, street and satellite views, powerful zoom functions and traffic reporting.

The Fleetmatics GPS Tracking System utilises proven technology with intuitive software to help you get the most benefit from your GPS tracking.

Fleetmatics GPS tracking hardware is constructed to withstand road conditions in all weather.

The system is hard-wired to the vehicles and is virtually tamper-proof.

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