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Imagination Technologies has announced PowerVR SGX544, a high-performance graphics core for embedded and mobile applications in tablets, computing devices and smartphones.

The PowerVR SGX544 is the second member of Imagination’s PowerVR series 5XT family and features full support for Microsoft DirectX 9 and multi-processor capability.

PowerVR SGX544 can be implemented as a high-performance four-pipe single core, or in multiprocessor (MP) configurations of between two and 16 cores (eight to 64 pipes).

As embedded and desktop application platforms continue to converge, Imagination has seen growing demand for DirectX 9 capabilities.

SGX544 provides full support for DirectX 9 Feature Level Three with maximum hardware acceleration, making it ideal for tablets, computing devices and smartphones.

In common with all PowerVR series 5XT cores, SGX544 delivers all the benefits of SGX cores, including high performance per mm2 and per mW with low system overhead.

SGX544 also provides support for desktop OpenGL 2.1 (including X11 integration with DR12, EXA and DRM support), OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0, OpenVG 1.1 and OpenCL 1.1 Embedded Profile.

PowerVR SGX software stacks have passed Khronos and Microsoft conformance tests, guaranteeing fast time to market with confidence across a wide range of embedded and desktop operating systems.

Software configurations for Linux, Android, MeeGo, Palm’s WebOS, Nokia’s Maemo, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Samsung’s Bada Nucleus, and a variety of other RTOS are all shipping with PowerVR SGX-powered devices.

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