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Gravograph’s mechanical engraving machine provides new functions including point and shoot, and handling of strips without length limits.

IS 900 is designed for flat engraving of identification plates or cutting and engraving of sheets of any material, including aluminium.

It can engrave at up to 100mm/s over a 660 x 460mm area, ensuring high productivity for cutting or milling as well as medium and large engraving jobs.

Developed by Gravograph for its engraving machine range, the new electronics increase working speeds by up to 50 per cent, allowing a maximum speed of 100mm/s.

IQ+ also enables the introduction of functions such as point and shoot, along with plug-and-play incorporation of any type of controlled accessory, such as additional spindle motors, swarf removal functions or lubrication.

Ergonomics are provided, enabling the machine to handle strips of unlimited length, with a 660 x 460mm engraving area.

Material feed can also be from the open area, via the back of the machine.

The engraver can be placed in the middle of a workshop, against a wall, or in a corner between two walls, and all functions remain available whatever its layout.

IS 900 is compatible with Gravograph’s Braille Dispenser Kit, making it easy for the customer to engrave and place metal beads in the plates to generate Braille characters.

Large plates can be clamped with one hand.

All clamps are locked in a single operation by one handle and less than 10sec is needed to install and clamp the plates.

The terrain follower enables the IS 900 machine to engrave accurately, even on a non-flat surface, following the shape and height of the sheet with an optical sensor.

The point and shoot function uses a laser pointer for visual positioning of the engraving on the item and simulating the engraving work before executing the programmed task.


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