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Gravograph has launched its laser solution for marking on metals and plastics: the LS100EX YAG.

Made up of a platform that can house an object with a maximum volume of 610 x 305 x 145mm, coupled with a YAG 12W source, it is able to mark hard or reflecting materials, such as black or stainless steel, as well as classic materials.

The LS100EX YAG is aimed at applications involving personalisation of objects and technical marking applications for industrial parts.

Its large work area can house bulky objects such as holder trays on which the operator places parts in shaped recesses for concurrent engraving.

The LS100EX YAG solution is controlled using the Laserstyle software, an intuitive interface developed for laser engraving that features automatic composition possibilities such as integration of lists of names and incrementation of numbers.

With its maximum marking speed of 2.5m/sec and its front-loading design, which cuts operating times between batches of parts, this laser engraving unit is said to provide one of the highest machine use levels currently available.

The LS100 EX YAG is available with a range of accessories to provide a solution that is suited to the application and the user’s working environment.

This includes integrated filtering and ventilating systems for smoke and dust that enable compliance with working conditions for the user and the machine.

There is also a range of objective lenses available, indexing supports for engraving on cylindrical and conical objects 3 to 130mm in diameter, and a suction table that can be fitted for marking thin, flexible materials.


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