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Grayson Thermal Systems is working with a manufacturer of hybrid-drive systems on a project to boost driver comfort in hybrid-drive vehicles, while also optimising their environmental performance.

The company believes the system will offer benefits to manufacturers and operators of all-electric vehicles.

Grayson is developing a product that removes the current requirement for diesel-fuel heaters to be fitted to supplement the warmth available from the engine to warm the interior compartment.

Grayson’s thermal resistor uses surplus energy from the battery to generate heat and provide controllable, efficient warming to the interior of the vehicle.

By removing the need for a diesel-powered heater, the resistor enables the vehicle to use less fuel, emit lower levels of CO2 and particulates, and to run more quietly.

Two prototype units are currently under evaluation by the hybrid-drive manufacturer and the associated software is in final development.

Grayson has invested GBP50,000 in tooling for the product.

Pre-production samples will be produced by late February for use in UK field trials and in validation testing at Grayson’s research and development facility.

Grayson Thermal Systems

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