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Available from Stowlin Croftshaw, Mykal Desolvit (DSI 1000HPW) wipes comprise white dust-free cloth pre-impregnated with a fast-drying solvent, designed for cleaning and degreasing plant equipment.

Plant components and equipment need to be cleaned and degreased prior to painting, non-destructive testing or final assembly operations.

Desolvit wipes are convenient to use, have a pleasant citrus aroma and contain no chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons.

Being fast drying and leaving no surface residue makes them suitable replacements for loose solvents and rags (replacing Naptha and Thinners).

Stowlin Croftshaw recommends Desolvit wipes for anyone with a requirement to remove oil, grease and grime in general and precision jobs.

The wipes are less flammable than many of the solvents they replace.

Before use it is recommended that suitability for the task and compatibility to the substrates to be cleaned is determined.

Stowlin Croftshaw

The Stowlin Croftshaw group has more than 75 years' experience supplying high-quality innovative cleaning solutions, processes, metal cleaning machines, basic chemicals and solvents.

We are committed to the responsible and ethical management of our products and this combined with our unrivalled technical expertise, make us the supplier of choice.

As well as offering a comprehensive range of commodity chemicals and solvents, we also supply our own trademark speciality cleaning and phosphating products, such as Cool-Phos and Vaposol. In addition, we supply advanced aqueous, non-aqueous and vapour degreasing products in our capacity as national distributors for world-class companies such as Petroferm, Mykal and Henkel.

We offer a wide range of ancillary services including contract blending and packing, controlled waste disposal, supply and installation of metal cleaning equipment and chemical storage tanks, in-house technical support and on-site demonstration facilities. We also offer advice with respect to current legislation.

Our market sectors include many small to large companies operating in the electronics, aerospace, medical, optical and military industries. Other areas include general metal treatment, food processing, effluent treatment, janitorial, hygiene and swimming pool chemistry.

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