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Potentiometer Lubricant - .PDF file.

Nye Lubricants offers a range of specialist greases and oils to the electronics industry.

These include electrical connector gels for electrical contact and multipin connectors; synthetic lubricants designed for high-vacuum and cleanroom environments; barrier films for PCBs; lubricants for potentiometers and sliding position sensors.

Potentiometers and other sliding position sensors are electromechanical devices whose performance and operating life can be improved through lubrication.

Each of these devices has a metal wiper that moves along a resistive element to regulate current flow to a device or to indicate when pre-calibrated positions are reached.

The tracks may be any of a variety of conductive materials: wound metal wire, conductive plastic or ceramic compositions.

Newgate Simms is offering electronics engineers a free sample of the Potentiometer Lubricant 813-1.

This free sachet sample offer is available to businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Newgate Simms Limited are UK partners for a number of overseas principals that offer speciality chemicals and lubricants to industry. The product range has evolved to cover:

  • Electronics
  • General engineering & MRO
  • Vacuum & Cleanroom Lubricants
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Office equipment
  • Domestic appliances

From low out gassing ultra filtered vacuum lubricants through to automotive interior trim squeak and rattle solutions and mould release agents, Newgate Simms offer cutting edge products to suit your application or problem.

Sales and technical service operated from our plant in Chester and are active in the UK, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.

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